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Success Story - BGW CPA

BGW CPA, a high-growth firm in the Southeast, partnered with Anduin to revolutionize their billing and collections experience, reduce operating costs, and speed up cash flow.

After working with Anduin, BGW CPA saw:

  • 26%

    Percent of clients paying for more than 1 invoice

  • 1.7x

    Number of invoices paid within 7 days vs prior months

  • 2.2x

    Amount ($) of online payments collected year over year

“Anduin improved every part of our billing operation from better processing rates, to saving us countless hours through automation. I couldn't imagine doing anything without it.”

Rebecca Cole, Director of Finance & Administration

Success Story Deep-Dive

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BGW provides business advisory and certified public accounting services to support growth in the value of private, closely held businesses. In 2020, BGW needed better billing processes due to their continual growth. The firm was previously using another software provider for payments but found it to be too complex and difficult to use.


Smooth operations and predictive insights. With Anduin, we have an even better understanding of our entire billing operation,” said Rebecca Cole.

Time and costs savings. By implementing Anduin, the BGW team will save mid-five-figures each year just in their merchant processing and dozens of hours per month with Anduin's Practice CS integration. “Less time spent on payments reconciliation due to added efficiencies allows us to concentrate on spending more time caring for our clients,” Rebecca said. “Anduin simply makes our job easier.”

Less waste. Rebecca and her team have also eliminated waste. Previously the firm sent hundreds of Monthly Statements to clients (via mail and email), which Rebecca believes were typically ignored and "mostly thrown away by clients anyways."  Anduin's Collections functionality engages clients with timely, personalized payment reminders, making those statements are an unnecessary thing of the past.

Foundation to be a firm of the future. Adam Boatsman, Owner and Relationship Leader, has expressed on BGW's behalf: "We are passionate about helping our clients improve their financial health and giving them a greater sense of peace about the direction of their business. We’ve been looking for a forward-thinking technology partner that can take a similarly holistic approach in managing our cash flow, and are thrilled to be working with Anduin."


  • Known for being "Anything but typical"

  • Founded 1983

  • Anduin customer since 2021